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    E-Health Clinic
    eDoctor is specialized in providing both Primary & and Specialists healthcare solutions.

    We enable the Healthcare Solutions through our E-Doctor Health Clinic.The four core principles encircling the way we deliver health care are: Empathy, Integrity, Responsibility and Unity.

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    Connect with doctor based on condition type, Language preference and time slot.
    Broadcast and record stethoscope readings.
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    better technology
    Through “E-Doctor” Health Clinic, we intend to provide Primary Health Care to needy public in rural areas / urban of India.
    By linking them using the latest Practices in information and communication technology.


Medical consultation over Video Conference,Phone and (Rural Connect & others) Provide means of recording vital signs, basic investigations and maintain health records.

Opening Hours

If you need a doctor for Consultancy.

  • Monday - Sunday
    9.30 - 20.00


Every visit to the doctor should be compiled in order to have valuable information that can help improve the quality of care patient receives.

about e-doctor

eDoctor is specialized in providing Primary healthcare solutions by linking it to latest Practices in information and communication technology. .

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Latest News


May 2017


Telemedicine is the most advantageous item in Healthcare IT Industry. Its interventions can be communicated from handheld devices to a remote Web server. This helps in leveling the regional differences relating to communication in between the doctors & the patients. They may be located at any area with additional facilities and further procedures as suggested by the doctor. This also helps in diagnosing the correct symptoms of the patients and also by having an idea about the records of existing diseases.


March 2018


The quality of medical care through telemedicine is largely improved because accessibility to special medical care can be extended to suburban and rural areas. Moreover it is an automated supporting tool for patients with diabetes or any other non communicable diseases that leads to facilitate better decisions by patients and health care providers. All the images related to the diseased patients’ organs are taken and forwarded to the concerned doctor located anywhere.


June 2016


Telemedicine has the best impact relating to aspects of patient care. This includes informational impact which is better than handwritten records. The clinical impact is better as it is a best and frequent communication of information which leads to best outcomes. The behavioral impact is a frequent therapy of adjustments and reminders, leading to greater experience and education of both the patients and doctors. The next impacts of structural & economical help in saving the time & travel or other costs for the patients respectively.